Making America Great?

[Originally posted on Facebook, Feb 20, 2017]

Well, the Republicans finally released something tangible and it looks like the rubber is about to hit the road for Trump voters on the subject of health care. When realization dawns that millions of them, along with other Americans, will either lose their insurance or pay more for less, will that finally shake their trust in their President and Congress? Will those who, for now, retain their own healthcare status quo be willing to stand up for the medical and financial health of others? Will they be fine with the erosion or privatization of Medicare? Will they recognize that when they bought Repeal and Replace, they bought repeal of a path toward a more fair health system and replacement with a version of the old one that favors the fortunate and relegates the unfortunate to poorer health, earlier death, and/or financial ruin. Doesn’t sound Great to me.

Muslim Ban

Amid the multitude of assaults and affronts leveled by this administration, all worthy of focused response and resistance, the one that angers and grieves me above the rest is the travel ban, which is an immigration ban, which is a Muslim ban. There is nothing exceptional about proclaiming “America First!” Nor in fomenting fear of threats from abroad, be they real or manufactured. Nor in cultivating a consensus that preserving our own security somehow justifies turning our backs on those who seek refuge and a future.

So, I listened to the attorneys today as they made their arguments for and against the stay of the executive order in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. It struck me that events like this may be instrumental in limiting certain abuses of power over the next few years. But, it was something else I listened to this week that could ultimately be even more powerful. It is easier to favor self-security if you don’t hear or see as fellow human beings those who seek admittance.

I urge you to listen to this past week’s This American Life, to hear some of their voices, some of their stories. It isn’t easy to hear, but it will change how you think, what you feel. If it does, pass it on.…/it’s-working-out-very-nicely