Alive and Kicking

The blog, which started in January, went on hiatus in June. Intended for 3-4 weeks, it has stretched to two months. I’ve had an occasional query and then a more pointed note from a friend this week. When I finished writing back, I realized my note might make a suitable update for the blog itself. For anyone interested, here it is:

Anyway, I got the gist that you were asking if I was ok, as it seemed I had fallen off the grid. The answer is yes, but this has been anything but a normal summer. Beginning in the first week of June, we turned our lives upside down when we decided to move back into Seattle. Except for 10 days in Vermont around the 4th of July, visiting daughter and grandkids, and coinciding with our house’s time on the market, virtually every day has been devoted to some aspect of selling our house and buying another.

Seattle house-hunting is crazy now, as you’ve probably heard. Finally, last Friday we were among 13 people bidding on a house in Ravenna/Roosevelt area and were successful. (I.e. successful at getting a house and at unburdening our children of any worries that we might leave them too much money.)

We leave tomorrow for a two-week trip to Ireland, come back with 5 days until our house closes and another week until we get into the house we’re buying. When we scheduled our trip, of course, we didn’t know we were going to enter the real estate zone. We cancelled the last 10 days of it, which would have been on our own in Southwest England, but couldn’t cancel the Rick Steves Ireland tour with friends.

As for the blog’s inactivity and disappearing from Facebook, time has obviously been an issue. But even prior to June, I had needed to hit the PAUSE button. One reason was a need to devote more time to the kids’ book I’ve been writing since January. Unintentionally, I had allowed the blog to crowd out much of the time I was devoting to the book. I had scheduled a (Wannabe) Author’s Visit with the 5th grade classes at Westhill, four days in June, and needed to make more progress on it. That was pretty fun.

But a bigger reason for the pause was a dawning realization that I couldn’t just continue to react to the Trump Diversionary Circus like I had been. Plus, I was getting the impression that the small readership I had was feeling the same way. So, I took a break to rethink the focus. And it happens that the decision to move into Seattle was influenced by my time writing the blog. I guess you could say all the “boomer conscience-raising” had affected how we were feeling about staying in our big comfortable suburban retreat. Grandchildren in the city and a desire to be more engaged in community were powerful factors in our decision to move.

So, we’ll get settled in our new home and then I plan to relaunch the blog, but with less focus on Trump himself and more on exploring what it is like to navigate life in an altered America.

4 Replies to “Alive and Kicking”

  1. Hi Mike,
    I was happy to see your blog feed in my email today but do understand the pause and the other of “lifes’ decisions” that get in the way. Your concluding paragraph reminded me of David Brook’s column today. I guess we all need to get off the Trump Merry-Go-Round and figure out life in an altered state:) PS You will love Ireland!!

    1. Thanks Ann. I read the Brooks article last night. Quite good and very much what I’ve been thinking the past couple months. We’re looking forward to vacation…and then a new chapter in Seattle!

  2. I got off the Trump “merry-go-round” even before he was elected. Please get a discussion going on the things that need to be done, one step at a time, to return our country to a sane and fair government for ALL the people.

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