Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Obviously, other Boomers.

Also obviously, my family. They are not only my motivation, but also a target audience. Reading here may allow them to know me better now and remember me better later. Plus, forgive my saying I think they are generally quite smart, and I expect receiving their responses will improve my thinking and writing.

Less obviously, any interested member of a younger generation. They should be at least as concerned about the future of the planet and our geopolitical spot on it, don’t you think? They will be dealing with what we have left behind. It would be great to receive their ideas, which I expect will in turn improve my thinking… yada yada.

Even less obviously, those who are elder to us Boomers. More experience, different perspectives, and I presume an equal desire to leave the house in good order as much as possible. And, I’ve gotta say, harking back to that generational guilt thing: They are in some degree responsible for us!

Finally, I truly hope it will be a kind of digital commons, where diverse viewpoints are valued. It won’t take anyone more than a glance to understand I lean philosophically and politically left. Don’t jump to conclusions, though. Some of my favorite columnists are conservative. I admire their writing and need their perspective to challenge and test my own. We all benefit when we listen more than we speak, particularly when we listen to those whose differences can expand our thinking, empathy, and compassion.

Really finally, this blog is not for:

flamethrowers. Comments will be moderated. None will be accepted for post that contain invective or even personally disrespectful language. All thoughtful and respectful comments are welcome, regardless of political persuasion.

advertising. This is a non-commercial, non-sponsored site. Email address registration will be required to post comments, but the addresses will not be posted nor shared nor sold.